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Friday, December 12, 2008


1/2 cup of soy milk & cheerios (200 calories)
hot green tea (0 calories)
total - 200 calories

saba shioyaki (200 calories)
6 pc california roll (266 calories)
salad (82 calories)
miso soup (85 calories)
diet coke (0 calories)
total - 633 calories

Snack 2
1/4 cup eggnog (200 calories)
1 cracker (30 calories)
2 slices of cheese (80 calories)
total: 310 calories

hamburger (270 calories)
small fries (266 calories)
total: 536 calories

Day's food intake: 1,679 calories

Work out
1/2 hour step (-300 calories)
20 lunges with 20 lb weights (-20 calories)
60 sides with 25 lb weights (-20 calories)
total: -340 calories

Day's food intake - work out = 1339 calories

Now I'm not one to always keep tabs on my calorie intake but I went over 139 calories that I could have easily taken care of by spending another 30 minutes at the gym but I didn't coz it's friday. So this whole food diary/work out feature just put into perspective what I should have done but definitely not avoided because I never want to not eat the food that I want.

I really gotta charge my camera's battery so I can start taking pictures of food!

Oooh I'm making pancakes tomorrow..darn I don't have bananas!

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