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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

6 small meals + working out 5x a week

i love it..i get to eat 6 times a day and i still eat pretty much whatever i's just a matter of choosing what's actually worth eating!

i also love how strong i'm getting thanks to my workouts....

you really do have to combine eating healthy and working out..the whole mentality of i work out to eat didn't cut it for me since im not blessed with a high metabolism.

and results are pretty amazing! well i got my wisdom teeth out back in late march and i lost 5 lbs because of that...i started watching my calorie intake after that and lost 3 more lbs...then i started eating 6 small meals and working out around 5x a week 3 weeks ago and lost 4 more lbs after...last week was a fluke due to the influx of bdays, trips etc...and i stayed the same which is surprising because i swore i was going to gain weight given the amount of food and alcohol i was consuming. so i started over yesterday and so far so good :)

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